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Sheila Hirsch LCSW

 If you are seeking counseling services because you are hurting, confused or feeling lost, I can help.  I will work collaboratively with you, in a supportive environment, to discover, reclaim, develop and build on the the strengths and positive traits that are uniquely yours.  This will empower you to do the difficult tasks needed to work through the pain, overcome the fears and allow you to feel whole again.

While I work with a variety of issues, I currently have three areas of specialization.  I work with the Highly Sensitive Person (or HSP). This is a person who by nature has a more sensitive nervous system and feels, both physically and emotionally, more deeply than most.  You may recognize youself as an HSP if you have been told often by friends and family that "You are too sensitive!".  Beside individual work with HSPs, I offer groups where your sensitivity can be explored with other HSPs in a supportive, safe environment.  New groups are forming currently.  Please go to the HSP page for more information and email or call with questions.  I also work with people who have experienced trauma, often using a form of therapy called EMDR.  Sometimes, no matter what you try, the impact from the trauma you experienced keeps affecting your life, even when the trauma occurred many years ago.  EMDR helps you work through the trauma and experience the memory (or memories) in a less distressing way, so that these experiences are a part of who you are, but do not define you. My additional area of focus is work with couples.  Often the negative emotional patterns you find yourself engaging in obscures the love and the connection.   Emotionally Focused Therapy helps couples reconnect and build a solid, secure base from which to grow the relationship.  Please see my additional pages about these three focuses of therapy for more information.

Studies have indicated that the best predictor of a positive outcome in therapy is the trusted, secure connection between you and your therapist.  So whether you are looking for support, insight into your behaviors or personal growth, I invite you to take the next step and call for a free phone consultation.   I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.