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Sheila Hirsch LCSW
Emotionally Focused Therapy

Emotionally Focused Therapy, or EFT, is a structured approach to couples therapy formulated in the 1980s by Dr. Sue Johnson.  Research has shown EFT to be more effective than other couples therapies. Studies have found that 70% to75 % of couples move from distress to recovery and 90% show significant improvement.

The goals of EFT are to expand and re-organize key emotional responses that will allow couples to feel more connected and securely attached to one another.  This process allows new and positive cycles of interaction and creates a secure bond between partners.  A positive "dance" replaces the negative interactive cycles that couples often find themselves in.  The positive cycles become reinforced and create permanent change.  The relationship becomes a safe haven and a healing environment for both partners.  This therapy works best if both partners are committed to the relationship and committed to the therapeutic process.  Weekly sessions are recommended, but every other week sessions can be effective as well.

To learn more about this process, I refer you to the book by Dr. Sue Johnson entitiled "Hold Me Tight"  and "Love Sense".  You can also research the ICEEFT website, the official website of EFT.  If you click on the "About Us" tab, you will find additional information about this type of therapy.  Additionally, Dr. Johnson has done numerous videos, some of which have found their way onto YouTube.  I have chosen to use this therapy with couples not only because it has proven to be so successful, but because this therapy is very positive, supportive and respectful of clients and their relationship with one another.

I have completed numerous trainings in EFT and have read many books and articles.  I continue to pursue additional training in this area to hone my skills.

If you have any questions or need more information, please call or email.  See contact information on the panel to your left.